Israel Offers Africans Agriculture Expertise

Israel wants to use its leading edge in agricultural innovation to help improve food production across Africa, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said in Milan last week.
"If we pool our resources, our knowledge, our technology we can help many, many countries in Africa to not only better agriculture and to better life," he said.
His remarks come ahead
of the 12th Africa-Israel Economic Mission to be held from September 27 to 30, in Tel-Aviv, Israel.
The gathering is expected to bring together a group of African entrepreneurs and leaders who will have an opportunity to pick Israeli brains on improving Africa's farming sector
Agricultural export is one of the most profitable sectors in the Israeli market, with most of the produce bound for European countries.
Israel exports mainly to the EU and Russia. The export to EU countries accounts for about 67% of Israeli agricultural exports (close to one $1 billion), about 16% of agricultural exports goes to Russia (about $226 million), 5% to the United States and 12% to other countries.
 Major produce includes vegetables, cotton, beef, poultry and dairy products, and citrus and other fruits
The programme which is opened to existing and potential agribusiness investors in Africa is organised by Belgium-based European Marketing Research Commission (EMRC). The aim, according to the organisers, is firstly to share Israel's expertise in agriculture, agribusiness, livestock, training and agricultural research, as well as to establish partnerships between public and private African and Israeli entities.
Field visits will be carried out to sophisticated greenhouses, companies specialising in biotechnology, drip irrigation, seeds and other agricultural inputs, fruits and vegetables packaging, dairy farms and aquaculture.
According to Idit Miller, vice president and managing director, European Marketing Research Commission (EMRC), working sessions will be organised to present key projects realised by leading Israeli companies in Africa. Business meetings will be organised according to participants' projects and activities.
Miller said the mission enjoys the support of Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Department of International Cooperation (MASHAV), Centre for International Agricultural Development (CINADCO), and the Institute of Export and International Cooperation of Israel, as well as private companies.
 "Finally, a cultural programme will be organised on the last day with the visit of the holy sites in Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth, as well as the Jordan River," Miller said.
MASHAV was set up as a division of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Israel in 1958 and has trained almost 200,000 course participants from some 140 countries in Israel and abroad and developed dozens of demonstration projects worldwide in fields of Israeli expertise.
Not long ago a Center of Excellence for Horticultural Development was opened in Rwanda following a request made by the Minister of Agriculture Agnes Matilda Kalibata to set up a special center for advanced horticulture designed for all levels of the farming community, from small holder farmers to commercial farmers.
According to the organisers, participants will access and receive inside knowledge about CINADCO and its agric training centre, including such items as improved seeds


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